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Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve How Much Exercise To Lose Weight

The question of how much exercise to lose weight is almost mystery or a statement to ponder upon, especially for those who are desperately want to squeeze their weight. This question can be better answered with the combination of diet and exercise.Nowadays, people are very conscious regarding their diet plans and they try to engage themselves in different physical activities to lose weight. Every research comes with different statement regarding this plan. But www.easyfatlose.com will provide you the best and productive ways to answer ‘How much exercise to lose weight???’

  • The researchers recommended that any physical activity at moderate intensity should be done almost everyday for atleast 30 minutes. It is a good starting point but burning of 200-300 calories five days a week is important if you really looking for weight loss.
  • People with excess body weight and obesity can lose their weight easily if they workout for 250 minutes within a week. Exercising beyond this time span results into noticeable weight lose for these people.
  • In case of cardio, 2 hour 30 minutes per week cardio is enough to lose weight. The time can be increased according to your capacity.

Planning for a week of how much exercise to lose weight:

Start gyming and spend 50-60 minutes there and that time is enough.Break up your days of exercise will give you beneficial results. For instance, three hard days of exercise, two days for moderate exercise and one remaining day spend by doing light exercise.

Weight loss workout plan normally divided into two parts:

  1. Cardiovascular exercise
  2. Resistance training

In case of cardio you can burn as much as calories by power walking, jogging, cycling and running. This workout lasts for 25-30 minutes or longer. Normally trainers recommend 10 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes cycling and 10 minutes cross-trainer.

Another phase is resistance training includes, Core (abs and back), upper body and total body workout. This exercise targets building muscles. Here the weight loss is not only by fat but from muscles too. This is also helpful in building muscles. This exercise is bit harder than cardio and takes long time to shape your body but with time you find it easy to do. For this exercise you need two pair of dumbbells, resistance band and a stability ball. This workout also lasts for 30 minutes.

As exercise is compulsory to lose weight likewise warm up for five to ten minutes before you start exercise and stretching after exercise is essential. There are many other theories gives different answer for how much exercise to lose weightbut the above mentioned is common for all ages and helps you to remain fit out of the gym too if you control your diet and make 30 minutes intensifying physical activity your habit.

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