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Easy Workout for Weight Loss at home

Fast moving life of this era is basically the reason of declining health of the people. People gain weight with each passing day due to their unnecessarily eating or unscheduled diet regime. Nowadays we find our self-surrounded with the people who live always in rush. So, in that state, saving time and spending big chunks of money ongyming becomes almost vague. People always look for the convenience. So, for them easy workout for weight loss at home suits best, especially when they have health issues. As we all know weight loss demands for full body exercise routine. This exercises normally include push-ups, squats etc. to burn extra calories, to build muscles, to boost your metabolism etc.These exercises can be done anywhere and anytime.

This article tells you all about various exercises to become lean and healthy for Weight Loss at home without any risk:

  1. Plank crawl:Crawling is the best plank variation. This helps in toning abs, back and shoulders. For this exercise you just need to come in pushup position then a bit lowering down your body by balancing the toes and elbows. Now make that balance on one arm and come back to the previous pushup position, repeat this process by alternating the arms.
  2. Squats:This is the best exercise for the buttocks and legs to get in shape. In this, you need to bend your knees close to the heels and your thighs are parallel to the ground. This workout focuses on your hips, thighs and buttocks in very first.
  3. Push-ups:This is simply raising and lowering of the body with the full pressure of your arms. This exercise targets chest muscles, shoulder and arms.
  4. Back extension: “easy workout for weight loss at home” that provides the strength to muscles and lower back. for set yourself in the position, lie on the stomach and raise your legs with your upper body gently, at the same time. Hold it for 2-3 seconds and repeat for 10 times atleast every day for strength.
  5. Bridge:This exercise is made for the whole abdominal region, lower back and hamstrings. Lie down straight on your back and put arms by your sides. Now bend your knees and lift your hips and keep your back straight. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds and repeat it for several times.
  6. Walking lunges: This high intensity exercise helps you in toning your thighs and hips. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Now step ahead with your right footand land on your left knee and then same for next. 90 degree angle is must at the time of knee bending. For better results just hold a pair of dumbbells in both of your hands.
  7. Mountain climbing: This exercise works at the time of extreme movement because it stabilise your lower back. It works for abs, back, hips and butt. It is just like downward dog exercise. Hands and knees both are pointing forward. Hands and knees should be under the shoulders and hips, respectively.

This is all about some Easy Workout for Weight Loss at home . This workout can be enough if do properly with the dedication. www.easyfatlose.com will update you frequently and serves a lot of new techniques to lose weight at home without taking any expert dietician’s advice and mental fatigue.

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