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Effective Weight Loss Without Pain

Nowadays, losing weight becomes a need for many of the people. There are number of reasons behind this positive change. We can say it the swifting consciousness, sociality or education among them. But on the other hand people live in fast pace life so they handle lots of activities at one time that force them to look for easy ways to lose weight. Fitness makes you more confident and that comes with your dedication and hard work. Undoubtedly, you want to look more presentable when you surrounded with sophisticated people so weight loss blesses you with all that. Body fat is the reason of so many diseases but www.easyfatlose.comgives you the 5 very simple remedies for these burning problems.

Take 10 minutes to finish a serving

Most of the people eat because of their regular cravings not because of hunger. This is the strategy to reduce your cravings. Portion out of your favorite treat and first smell it before having it then look and think about it. After this take a small bite of it and chew it at least for 20 times as per the standards. Feel the texture and flavor of it, and then swallow. Have next bite only if you feel otherwise this is best to feel you more satisfied in a short time and it will take around 10 minutes.

Get motivational support

Exercise in a group is much effective than exercise alone. Make a group with your family or friends and exercise every day. Science proved that a woman who involved in any kind of technical support either from counselling or from an online chat group tend to lost 15 pounds more in the time span of 9 months. People also feel more enthusiastic and dedicated when they exercise in a group. The positive energy from surroundings helps you in losing weight quickly than alone.

Have coffee at home

A cup of coffee with milk and little sugar serves very less calories than blended drinks which serves as a dessert in a cup in actual. According to the research a regular cup of coffee serves 63 calories and a fancier drink have more than 4 time of the regular cup collectively adds 18 pounds a year.

Don’t burn gas but calories

Follow the one mile rule is one of the best among easy ways to lose weight. It is like, there is no doubt in saying that advanced technology makes our lives very easy but there are some cons that we use cars even for the trip of one or two miles and that leads to 6% increase in the obesity. But brisk walk to those trips instead of driving for a year helps you to feel 13-17 pounds lighter next year.

Use pedometer

Take a pedometer along with you when you go out from home. Make it a habit as your cell phone because science reveal that pedometer user walk over 1 mile more than non0users which means they burn 100 calories a day more and that directly results into 10 pounds weight loss in a year.

Stair climbing

First of all always use stairs rather than a lift or escalator. Climbing benefits you the most.it prevents your extra 1-2 pounds weight gain over a year and also good for your waistline. If you already use to of this than add 2-3 flights more in daily your daily exercise by climbing for more effective results.

These are the most effective and easy ways to lose weight which also have scientific proof. So, you will get positive results at the time of implementation.

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