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How Much Exercise To Lose Weight

Often heard, that along with a good dietary schedule, you need to go on exercise for weight loss.  But how much exercise is required for losing weight? This still remains unanswered. Getting down to the basics at first. As we say, exercise is required but why is required if you think? Weight loss means to reduce body’s calorie load. That means, that you can lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. So, how this can be done? The answer to this is- Exercise. This straight away means that the exercise routine is directly proportional to one’s calorie intake. In spite of this, there are many other benefits from physical activity even if you don’t need weight loss.

Specific amount of exercise or physical activity is must to slim down and get good results. A 30 minute workout is considered ideal to follow. Rather than exerting your body for 4 days, follow a routine of 30 min movements on regular basis. Be certain that in the race to lose; don’t exert your body by doing more exercise. Take a note that your body needs workout in proportion to your calorie intake. While performing physical activity, be considerate about what you consume. When you exercise, but eating junk foods or sweets alternatively, the total hard work will count to zero. Keep in mind, that a displacement of 3500 calories from body makes 1 pound. So, if your 1 workout is able to make you lose at least 350 calories then you just need 10 more workouts. Another point to be considered here is the more the intense exercises you do, the less time you will need to spend on them. As an example if you walk for 30 minutes that is going to contribute less than a 30 minute run. Ok! But that’s not compulsory, if you can’t push yourself to dynamic exercises, you still can lose. With a walk for more than 20 minutes will help you in this, since after 20-30 minutes, the heart rate is raised and the body thus reaches the conserved fat for energy to sustain walking. Also, with good walk and proper exercise habits, you can increase chances for fitness and a longer healthy life, other than the benefit of weight loss.

If you feel hungry after your every workout session, then watch out, as you might be confusing your thirst with hunger. Increase your water intake thus helping you with lower food intake after your sessions. Water intake is recommended too, since it fastens metabolism and helps in slimming down too.

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