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Laxatives to Lose Weight

Today, in this modern world , as per the stats of WHO in 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight , a huge number to worry. So as now everyone wants to get rid off from the extra weight that they carry. As we know that there are a lot of ways to do that shown in TV, radios, newspapers, articles, magazines etc. Out of these how to use laxatives to lose weight is an innovative way to ponder about.


Using laxatives to Lose Weight can be a very good alternate/way to adopt for good results in a cheaper manner. However as we live in the world of different type of people so there exists too many opinions about losing weight by taking laxatives. If you have decided to use Laxatives to cut your weight out , then as of others things of the world , you need a proper devised plan to do so as it will not only help to reduce weight but also improve your health and digestive system too.

Laxative – A Best Way to Reduce Weight?

Nowadays the question “How to Lose Weight with Laxatives“ is an extremely famous and this kind of dieting plan followed by many people all over the world. It really speeds up the digestion process i.e. increased bowel movement. According to some researches, 47% women take laxative pills to lose the weight. But stats are sometimes not enough to encourage a new person to adopt a new plan. So for this let’s discuss more about “Laxative”.


What Are Laxatives?

Laxatives are taken in the form of pills as a sort of digestion pills. The main usage of these pills is to speed up the digestions process and also to remove the problem of constipations. Many people with chronic constipation are often recommended to use laxative by the doctors. But still the regular and use without the prescription can pose a serious threat to the health as it can make all nutrients to excrete from the body very fastly.

The use of laxative can lead to both short as well as long term effects. However the extent of effect varies from person to person.

Things You Must Know About Laxative:

  1. The regular use of Laxatives can cause you a lot of pain during excretion process.
  2. If you want to avoid constipation only, instead of using laxative use simple natural alternatives to do so like drinking lots and lots of water is one of those.
  3. Don’t use Laxatives when you are already on some sort of treatment or medications until your doctor tell you to do so.
  4. In simple means, a laxative makes your body to lose the water content rather than fat. No doubt it can help you to make your digestive process fast than can boost your body to reduce useless weight.
  5. Short Term Effects: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea etc, but they may vanish as one starts to take alternative medicines or stop consuming the laxatives. Stomach cramps can also be caused specially in the women; in that case the consumption should be immediately stopped to avoid any bad health issues.
  6. Long Term Effects:  Improper bowel movement that can lead to bleeding during excretion is the most common of all. Also, due to excessive water loss from the body can make on suffer from dehydration, pimples and even permanent shrinks on the skin. Nerve impulse can be caused in some cases. As in some extreme cases permanent damage to the liver and kidneys has been detected due to laxative.
  7. There are some “Natural Ways To Reduce Weight “ that you should try prior to use Laxative at first place like drinking up to 8 glasses of water every day ,  prunes , legumes , beets and cabbage.

This is all about how you can use laxatives to lose weight and for more updates visit our site www.easyfatlose.com.

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