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Swap his Beer Belly to a Six-Pack

With the advancement of technology people are getting more and more aware of a lot of things. But the topic – Swap his Beer Belly to a Six-Pack is burning nowadays. Whenever someone try to lose weight , generally they spend a lot of money by for a dietician, they take reference from the health magazines and TV programmes but that just enlightens the curiosity and only a few times it helps the people for what they really want because they target the whole group of society men , women ,children. And here is where it all goes wrong as everyone needs different workout strategy. For e.g. for a simple man can’t follow the fitness schedule that of a bodybuilder? More often, the men are more worried about their large waist rather than understanding the reasons behind their beer belly. It is more important to maintain a good balance between diet and exercise to live a healthy a life as diet and exercise are the different sides of a same coin.

So this article particularly highlights “Weight Loss for Men”. There are some simple fitness tips that can help to swap his beer belly to a six-pack.

  • Eat six small portions of meal each day.


Do not just eat to fill your tummy instead try to take small meals with the time span of 2 hours to avoid the starvation period.


  • Limit your alcohol consumption

Alcohol is full of calories for e.g. a medium sized beer contains near about 165 calories. So if you are trying to have only 1200 calories a day, you must cut off your alcohol intake

  • Don’t just watch sport

Think about the sport you like to play in your school time and take initiative to just not watch them on television again and again but engage into the sports activity that can not only make you active but reduce your weight.

  • Exercise

The timing of exercise is as important as the type of exercise you adopt. Don’t just always try to push yourself a lot instead start from the low and then aim for high. For instance if you are doing cardio exercise for more than 45 minutes it can counter back your fitness . And importantly the best thing you can do soon after your workout is to have something to eat, up to 300 calories with a 3-1 ratio of carbs to protein.

  • Get to know the basic of fitness
  • Have diet full of fibres like oats, fruits, whole grains etc.
  • Have fish twice a week like salmon or fresh tuna and adopt non-veg food that is full of proteins like lean red meat and chicken.
  • Opt for low-fat dairy products.
  • Go for fresh, natural, unprocessed foods; eat fewer fried and fatty foods.
  • Limit your salt and sugar intake.
  • Limit your calories intake to 1200 calories.


In the nut shell, there’s no magic pill that can make you slim within a blink of an eye. You need to be assiduous because hard work pays a lot and when you will start implementing these basic tips instead of just reading in your daily schedule only then your glory days will come.

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