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Science Behind Quick Weight Loss and Healthy Solution for Women

People feel very curious when they get a chance to know about the science behind why it is so hard for a woman to lose weight than men.You will find a healthy answer after reading this and also the effective weight loss and healthy solution for women.

There is a lot difference between the ways to get slim of men and women. Their body responds in different manner when it comes to diet and exercise. The origin of these differences is behavior and biology, basically. In case of women, the initiation doesn’t matters a lot because ideal weight loss is difficult but confusing.

Another reason of difficulty is women have less muscles and metabolism than men and muscle burns more calories than fat. Also the metabolism of women is slower about 3 to 10 percent than men.

According to the science, the hormone named ghrelin that is related to hunger spikes after a workout whereas, leptin tells your brain that i am full, declines. So, this fluctuation results in overeating among women after workout. Also, emotional eating is more common in women than men and that is the reason of more profound cravings among women.

These are some really effective weight loss and healthy solution for women that can help you to look gorgeous in almost every attire.

  • Be afraid of gaining weight back: The rate of gaining weight is more than men according to various researches and because of different physiology. So, never try to let yourself idle after losing weight because it will make you directly affect your confidence level. Try to cope up with your routine and stick to your diet regime and workout routine.
  • Stay motivated and be familiar with supportive people: If we talk about behavior then there is huge difference between men and women. So, a healthy support and encouragement makes them more determine and enthusiastic. It is basically a key to their success from sack to getting sexy.
  • Avoid focusing on the scale alone: It can depress you somewhere because you cannot see the change immediately after joining gym. It will take time to lose weight but inches can start diminishing after sometime.
  • Have a look at your old pictures frequently: It will really help you in alarming the fear to get back to this shape again. Check your transformation in the pictures and it will make you determine and increase your consciousness regarding weight gain.
  • Buying clothes a little less than your size: It is another way that motivates you even more. It will enhance your curiosity to get fit in those outfits. It will automatically boost your dedication and way of switching up to your workout very often.
  • Be a crunch queen with cardio: Create a good balance between crunches and cardiovascular exercise. Most of the women make a big mistake at the time of losing fat especially from belly that is misbalancing cardio and crunches. No matter how toned your abs are, your belly will look flat only when you get rid of layer of fat from that portion.
  • Don’t eat in front of screen: science reveals women watch tv more than men and they are busier in watching their favorite program and forget counting the calorie consumption. This leads to overeating and hence, weight gain.

These are some very basic and innovative weight loss and healthy solution for women. You will see the magic when you implement these tips. You can find more tips and more about the science behind women weight loss on www.easyfatlose.com.

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